Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines: On 25 June 2020, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves informed the nation through his official Face Book page that “Financing is secured through the World Bank for the construction of a 140 bed modern acute referral hospital.” However, the New Democratic has now learned that this claim is false.

Information received from a representative at the World Bank confirms that the WB had agreed to pay for the designs of the hospital but not the actual construction as the Prime Minister proclaimed. World Bank documents show that the only funding under the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project is for design and feasibility studies, not construction.

On receiving the information from the World Bank, Dr the Hon Godwin Friday, Leader of the Opposition questioned, “if the World Bank is not paying for the hospital construction, why would the Prime Minister make such a claim to the Vincentian people. Is this a hoax?” NDP Chairman and Health Spokesman Hon Daniel Cummings noted that this was another broken promise by the ULP after 19 years in office. He further stated that “In 2015 the ULP pledged a new hospital by 2020. It is 2020 and all we have is a picture of a building that looks like an art gallery. This nation is crying out for better healthcare. A picture won’t help.”

The New Democratic Party is seeking clarification and accountability on this matter. Indeed as all Vincentians deserve to know the truth.

The NDP recognizes the need for a modern medical facility and has promised since 2015 to construct one when voted into office. It is a promise the NDP will keep.


  1. It is probably another pr-election lie.

    Perhaps it will be funded by the phantom coalition of the willing group of countries that were going to pay for the airport before they disappeared leaving behind only the stench of lies and untruths.

    In the case of the airport our great grandchildren will be paying for that for the next hundred years.

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