Prime Minister Gaston Browne has given LIAT staff and unions until Friday to accept or reject suggestions that could possibly lead to the survival of the beleaguered carrier

Browne made the suggestions during a closed-door meeting on Tuesday at the headquarters of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union.

The nation’s leader was invited to the meeting to provide an update to workers concerned about their future amid plans to liquidate the airline.

While several regional governments are exploring ways to fill the gap left by LIAT, Browne is adamant that the carrier’s collapse would be detrimental to Antigua and Barbuda which employs the bulk of LIAT’s hundreds of workers.

He told those attending the meeting, some via Zoom, that restructuring is the best option for the airline, and that the process would require the commitment of all staff, shareholder governments and LIAT’s creditors.

Browne said if the company is liquidated and the assets are sold it will not be enough to cover pensions, outstanding salaries and other obligations – which could mean major losses for workers.

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  1. What an absolute disgusting suggestion Mr Browne, If that had been suggested by the comrade I would understand such behavior.

    Every worker is due the full amount of outstanding wages, they are due the full amount for severance, and they are due every cent of their pensions. In fact all the creditors are due everything they are owed. They are due that from the directors, the defacto directors, the shareholder governments, perhaps even the companies bankers, and CDB.

    The shareholder governments have been directing LIAT’S board of directors for years, the directors with the full knowledge of the company being insolvent have been trading the company whilst insolvent. Therefore, the directors and certain politicians from shareholder government who have proven to be, and acted as defacto directors, are responsible for the debts due to knowingly trading the company and in doing so incurring further debts. So, unless the shareholder governments announce they are paying all debts in full the directors including defacto directors must be held liable and responsible for paying all debts in full.
    Creditors find yourself a good law firm to represent you. A company can be placed into liquidation, and a liquidator appointed by court order, or a resolution by you the creditors at a watershed meeting. Liquidation takes effect immediately.

    Unless you act with all speed to get a competent lawyer you will be the losers and expect to be shafted to one degree or another by the shareholders. Inevitably the shareholder leaders are all lawyers and will try and not to pay you what you deserve, which is everything you are owed, do not settle for less. Do not settle for less because under the circumstance’s they are liable for your debts and you do not need to settle for less.

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