(268today.com ) Up to May this year, LIAT had sold $11 million dollars worth of tickets, even though the carrier stopped flying in March due to COVID-19.
This figure was revealed Thursday by chairman of LIAT shareholders, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonslaves, as he gave a breakdown of LIAT’s debts.

In addition to the $11 million owed to would-be travellers, Gonsalves said LIAT owes its 636 employees severance totalling $84 million, and holiday pay totalling $10 million.
Gonsalves said the airline had retained around 100 employees when flights were grounded due to COVID-19. He said those 100 employees are now owed around $7.2 million dollars in unpaid salaries.
The airline has taken is website liat.com offline.


  1. Sorry comrade but you as a director of the company, knowingly trading whilst insolvent, must prepare yourself for being responsible with others for LIATS debts.

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