GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) — Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire today said she will begin hearing arguments on Friday in the case filed by a private citizen seeking to prevent the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) from receiving a report from the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, regarding the results of the disputed March 2 regional and general election.

Justice George-Wiltshire, describing the case as one “of national interest and importance”, said she intends to give a ruling by Sunday, noting “it all depends on what is presented”.

Misenga Jones, a private citizen, through her attorneys, led by Trinidad-based Senior Counsel John Jeremie, wants the Court to prevent GECOM from using the recounted, valid and certified results to declare the results of the election and instead compel the seven-member body to use the 10 district declarations.

She has named GECOM, its chairman, retired justice Claudette Singh and the Attorney General, Basil Williams as defendants.

A number of parties have sought to be joined to the case, including Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and Irfaan Ali, the presidential candidate of the main opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C). They will be represented by the same team of lawyers, headed by another Trinidad-based senior counsel, Douglas Mendes, who had successfully challenged a Court of Appeal ruling at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in one of the many twists to the ongoing elections saga.

The chief justice said that all the relevant documents regarding the case will be submitted by all parties no later than Friday morning, with oral arguments to be heard by all parties starting at 2:00 pm (local time) Friday afternoon.


  1. With regards to the Guyana elections, why is it the valid votes are being challenged and the invalid votes submitted as valid votes? The PPP, for many years, indulged on illegal tactics to retain control of Guyana. This is known. There is eveidences of illegal tactics that they adopted; some go back to 2015 payment to Cambridge analytica of 425000.00 by Ramoutar for services. How much more was paid and what is the source of funds? The PPP indicated they have a well oiled electoral machine that cannot be beaten. What does it mean?
    If there are so many votes that are disputed, why is it a determination is not made to decipher the truth from the falsehood?
    Why is it the entire Caribbean is against the current government that Ms Motley spearheaded the challenge against the current government?
    Why is it the CCJ adopted the position that they have authority to determine the elections of a sovereign nation?
    Why is it, a villain like pompeo, secretary of state of evil under the most corrupt president in the history of the U.S., push his nose in the business of a sovereign nation? When will he curb the barbarism of Israel against the Palestinians?
    Now, pompeo has assisted the WI community with IMF assistance based on the dire straits covid has placed the WI. Now, is this the return on investment that the Caribbean nations have gained for their attacks on David Granger? Remember this, Granger has gone repeatedly for medical treatment to Cuba and not the U.S. or Canada, something that irritated the U.S. in addition to the presence of China in Guyana.
    Let us go back a bit, pompeo has warned the Caribbean nations about the presence of China and its influence in the region. Guyana turned a deaf ear. Pompeo warned Trinidad about involvement with Venezuela and iran over oil processing. Guyana has oil and gas and again, seemingly, turned a deaf ear. One more thing, was Guyana invited to the pompeo pow wow and did not attend that raised the anger of the U.S., or the invitation was not extended? If it is the latter, what is the reason/reasons?
    The entire mix of involvement by the Caricom nations and the U.S. sends a message that needs to be examined deeply. Too many lawyers from Trinidad are involved in the legal processes and involvement in this matter. Get to the facts and if there is any invalidity to the results of the elections, for the benefit of the nation, fix it.

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