Persons who find evidence of any irregularities and have any resulting queries with the voters’ list, should submit same to the Office of the Supervisor of Elections (SOE).

This advice was given by Dora James, Supervisor of Elections (SOE) during a Meeting of Registering Officers held last Tuesday, July 21.

According to the SOE, every time a quarterly list was published, that was an opportunity for it to be vetted.

Politicians and those in government officers are the ones submitting the most queries, she said.

The New Democratic Party, for example, had submitted names of deceased persons whose names remained on the list, James said.

“They watch the list and they make observations and if there are any queries, they send them,” James said.

“Very few times we may have someone calling to say someone’s name is on the list that should not be there,” she noted, adding, “And so, we appreciate that and we continue to say that if you have information, share.”

James held aloft at the meeting, a document which clearly carried the caption ‘Death List’, as evidence of her Office’s work aimed at cleaning up the voters’ list.

If there were more names to be taken off, it was not difficult to do so, she assured.

In 2015, the Representation of the People Act was amended so as to mandate the cleaning up of voters’ list by removing the names of dead persons and individuals who have remained overseas for more than five years.