The Public Service Union (PSU) is expanding its operations beyond the normal realms of Trade Unionism. They are ensuring that they provide “value to its members.”

First Vice President Leroy James, also Chairman of the Education Committee, made the declaration last Tuesday at the PSU Headquarters, Mc Kies Hill.

The occasion was the handing over of scholarships and bursaries to a number of students.

Six youngsters begin their secondary education with assistance from the PSU. They ae: Celeste Richardson, Aulani Dennie, Mya Cumberbatch, Angel Hall, Jomaira Roberts, and Everette James who deferred his scholarship from last year to this year.

They will receive $1,000 each to take them through their first year, an increase of 50% over last year, James noted.

Eighteen students were given bursaries valued at $150.00 each. They are Rhema Richards, Richad Burke, Leslie Butler, Kennon Duncan, Shazique Gittens, Maleek Glasgow, Jomari Layne, Mekhail Marshall, Sherwin Pompey, Jahron Williams, Keosha Burke, Anique Jack, Cherise Joseph, Nickayla Neverson, Gerod Oliver, Gwanael Stoddard, Jessica Francois, and Jennessa Haywood.

In making the awards, James urged the recipients to continue to excel in their school work, to believe in themselves and to be “goal oriented.”

He advised that the Union was also making other resources available to students, in particular through its mentorship programme. Any PSU sponsored student can count on the Union for guidance during their secondary school career.

The PSU has been giving scholarships for over 50 years. One of their notable awardees is the late Glen Jackson who made an impact in the media circles.

Funds to support the scholarship/bursary programme are derived from members’ subscriptions.

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