Political analyst and social commentator Keith Joseph has hinted that the NDP elections machinery is not as well-oiled as it was leading up to the 2015 general elections.

Speaking on his Just Another Look radio programme this week, Mr Joseph said:

“that in 2014 the NDP was ready for elections even though they were due in 2015. They were on the road and people knew who the candidates were and there was a forward march that we are not really seeing from the party as yet given that the elections are just over 4 months away”.

The programme which touched on several issues mainly dealt with the nomination and elections of former ULP hopeful Kirk DaSilva as the standard bearer for the New Democratic Party. Subject to ratification, Mr DaSilva will replace Curtis Bowman as the NDP’s candidate.

Joseph who seemingly was batting for Kirk DaSilva said:

“Kirk DaSilva has been on the ground in the Marriaqua constituency for the past 3 years working towards the elections as the party’s candidate.”

“So it stands to reason that they ought not to have been a surprise at the outcome of the Marriaqua elections. And there was some who were suggesting that the Marriaqua elections could have and should have been held some time ago”.

The candidacy of Kirk DaSilva has received heavy criticism on social media among NDP supporters.

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  1. Kirk is by far the better candidate with actions to back up his word. The other are pure talk and no action. Ask what concrete project of substance have they completed and you will be able to clearly see the holes in their big talk!

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