This country is presently listed as having community spread.

In giving the clinical update at this press conference, Parasram said 565 positive cases had been recorded in this country. A total of 12 people have died from the virus in Trinidad and Tobago.

During the press conference the CMO was also asked about a social media post that a group of people had attended a party Down the Islands and had since tested positive. Parasram said as far the Ministry was unaware no such incident occurred.

He said, “Everyone that is positive, whether it’s done by private tests or public tests, the ministry is aware and we’re able to take corrective measures in terms of getting those persons into an adequate facility as well as doing the contact tracing that will follow.”

He added, “Any test that is positive needs to be reported to the office of the CMO under the regulation and of course the fines are commensurate with not reporting, and the labs so far have been reporting to me, in a very timely manner, all of the positive results that they have … There should not be persons in the population that are testing positive for whatever reason and the Ministry of Health is not aware … As far as we are aware there is no such incident (as in the social media post) that would have occurred.”

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