The Honourable Jonel Powel, Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, said that sporting activities in schools would be resuming in a targeted and strategic manner.

The Minister highlighted that within the Department of Sports, a task force has been put together which is working with all the sporting disciplines and national associations to ensure that there are some protocols in place specific to each discipline for allowing the resumption of those sports in schools.

He further highlighted that the task force has a representative from the Ministry of Education who is charged with overseeing the resumption of sporting activities in the schools in light of the protocols established.

Minister Powell said that when the football competitions start again, the task force would advise the schools on how they carry out the football competition and what they need to do.

The Minister said that as far as possible, the Ministry of Education with the help of the Department of Sport would ensure that even within the school system, the necessary protocols are in place even when it is not competitive.

He added that physical education would be reinstituted in schools.

He said that PE is usually done in the fresh air which is the best for the kids.

Exercise is one of the things which keep the body healthy and in a better position to fight not just the coronavirus but any other viruses.

Minister Powel added that physical education is one of the pillars of the Federation’s education system and curriculum and that he and his ministry encourage it.

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