Two Brazilians and a Venezuelan were arrested on Sunday after the Cessna 206 aircraft they were travelling in crash landed at the Issano Airstrip in Mazaruni, Guyana.

The incident occurred around 10:30pm

The plane was piloted by a 38 year-old from Boa Vista and a 29-year-old from Temeremo, Venezuela. The third passenger was a 35-year-old Internet technician from Manaus, Brazil.

(The three men who were arrested on Sunday after a Cessna 206 aircraft crash landed at the Issano Airstrip)

According to local media reports, the men claim they were heading to Suriname but their aircraft, which is registered in Brazil, developed mechanical issues.

Police searched the plane but did not find anything illegal.

However, a cell phone, a satellite phone and identification cards were among items seized.

Police believe another aircraft crash landed but no indication of the crash site was found.

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