Embattled landowner and naturalized physician, Dr. Wayne Murray, was arrested earlier today, Tuesday September 15.

It is not clear what charges are being brought against Dr. Murray though sources pointed us to a post that appeared on Murray’s Facebook feed sometime on Tuesday.

It read: “Notice to the Commissioner of Pilice [sic] and Prime Minister!!

” When I one kill of these people on this property it would be in your watch!!! [sic]

“I am telling you now that I will be putting persons down from today!!!”

Last August the Murrays sprang to national attention when news of the conditions under which the Dr. Ralph Gonsalves-led government is attempting to acquire a parcel of their lands broke.

Apparently tenants who were served eviction notices, and have since ignored same, are another source of aggravation to the Grenadian born Dr. Murray and his wife.

Police sources confirm that an investigation is still unfolding. They were, however unable to comment on possible charges.



  1. Dr Murray has been hounded for many years since he refused to go to the fatmans offices when asked to. He told fatty “you have nothing I want and I have nothing you need.”

    Three weeks later the VAT, Inland Revenue and police officers raided his offices and took away all his books and records, fishing for something which they could charge him with. After keeping his books for weeks they found nothing wrong, not even a punctuation mark in the wrong place.

    That was the beginning of this whole affair, the theft of the land by the government, it is based on spite and malice, just like it was for Bigger Bigs.

    He has never been forgiven for refusing to do the will of the Fat Man. He has been despised and hated ever since like Cameron Balcome is now paying the price, Dr Murray has been paying the price even longer.

    Step out of line and you will be destroyed, I think you will find others are now on the hate list, Jomo Thomas, and Travis Harry, they think they are safe because they are fearless, but they are not safe, far from it.

    The question we must ask is was Glen Jackson punished by assassination because he stepped out of line?


    A must read

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