Trinidad Express – Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, said he has bad news for the criminal elements and the “Hate Gary Club”, and that is, ‘he has not resigned’.

In responding to social media posts that he had resigned the job, Griffith noted that there were too many idle hands in this country, who have nothing better to do than to spread fake news.

One of the posts Griffith referred was put out by an entity under the name newsbeforenewstt_ with the headline “Trinidad Top Cop Abruptly Resigns”.

The post stated that Griffith had resigned on Tuesday after two years as the head of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, and quoted the Commissioner as saying, “I came into this job with one mission, to fight crime and keep everybody safe. We did it and continue to do it.”

The poster also alleged that after meeting witth several senior police officers on Monday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has asked Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jayson Forde, to take over the running of the TTPS.

However, Griffith said those who know him would know he is a fighter and not a quitter. He said he and the Chair of the National Security Council have too many things to do to secure this country, that he cannot even contemplate resigning.

He added that there are people out there with an agenda with one purpose in mind and that is to spread false news with the hope of having a destabilizing effect.

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