The Shadow Minister for Education, Member of Parliament for Tabaquite Ms. Anita Haynes, is calling on the Minister of Education to launch an urgent query into the grading discrepancies noted in this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) results.

“Concerned students, parents, teachers and school administrators have reached out to me to highlight the fact that a significant number of students have received grades that did not match their profiles, that is, students with all As in their profile received grades V and VI,” said Haynes via statement.

The Shadow Minister for Education added, “In some instances entire classes received “ungraded” and several others received grades not consistent with their historical performances. Students with near perfect Internal Assessments received grades IV and V. ”

“While it is customary to receive reports of these irregularities from a few students, the numbers have been significantly higher this year, with hundreds of reports of these irregularities.”

Haynes said the Ministers of Education need to take this issue seriously and act now.

“This matter is further frustrating our CAPE Unit 1 students who are already navigating the pressures of applying to universities across the world. Additionally, CAPE Unit 2 students who have already received provisional acceptance from some universities are now slapped with Grades IV, V and Ungraded at the CAPE Unit 2 exam results, which places their future into a measure of uncertainty.

To add insult to injury, students and parents are now being forced to find EC$60.00 to file a reassessment for each subject area. This should be revised based on the current situation.

I am calling on the Minister of Education and the Chief Education Officer to immediately demand a response from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) to explain the inconsistencies in the results.” Haynes said

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