Don’t expect the SVG Green Party to put any ‘johnny come lately’ as a candidate to represent the party. Founder and Political Leader Ivan O’neal has set out strict criteria as he advertises for new candidates for the upcoming general elections.

The party which was founded in 2005 has not made any electoral impact but that did not stop East St. George MP Hon Camillo Gonsalves from making some astonishing claims.

Expressing jubilancy at the opening of his campaign headquarters over the weekend, he said:

“Interestingly, I looked in the newspaper the other day and I saw that my partner, resident of East St George, Ivan O’neal was advertising for candidates.”

“He had in the paper, the Green party is looking for candidates, and he had the qualifications. You had to be 18 years old, you had to not be a criminal, you have to know how to talk English. I say well fine, that’s basically everybody.”

“Then the last category that he had was have to be living in the country for the last 12 months. I say but what is this, Fitz Bramble couldn’t qualify to run for the green party?”

The MP in picong style added:

“You really mean to tell me if Fitz did go by Ivan, Ivan would have say sorry comrade you ain’t qualify because you ain’t been in the country long enough.”

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has selected economist Fitz Bramble to represent the party in the East Kingstown constituency in the upcoming general elections.

Bramble has been living and working in Canada for several years. However, he is not the only person throughout the country’s political history who has returned from a Commonwealth country to enter elective politics.

He has replaced former Prime Minister and party leader Hon Arnhim Eustace.

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  1. Wow! you must be really worried about Bramble. He is far more qualified than Luke Browne who is a candidatory reject, the people have already declared they do not want him, and still do not want him.

    You and your father only want to have him as an MP to make you look good and the most worthy of becoming Prime minister. It will not work, because the people do not want you either.

    Luke Browne is the greatest political failure of all, he should resign his ministries people have died under his watch.

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