NDP Chairman and Shadow Minister of Health Hon Daniel Cummings is maintaining that the current Minister of Health Hon Luke Browne should resign or be fired.

In reacting to the news that the incidences of dengue continue to rise with six (6) recorded deaths, Mr Cummings speaking on his party’s New Times program on Nice Radio earlier this week said:

“This is a government asking people for 5 years more. They should be 5 years in Jail.”

“The rest of the world is looking down on St. Vincent and the Grenadines and laughing at us. Where you ever hear dengue causes that many deaths? You have a Health ministry that is caught sleeping. A Health ministry that had all the pointers towards a dengue epidemic.”

Today, Prime Minister Dr Hon Ralph Gonsalves rubbished claims that his administration has been caught napping while updating the nation that the numbers have climbed from 514 cases to 655 in a week since the last report.

Cummings who recently held a press conference with party leader Dr Godwin Friday on the issue told listeners that the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration are like the aedes aegypti mosquito.

He added:

“You know it’s like this ULP, they’re literal blood suckers, they’re draining this country, they’re feeding for themselves and they don’t care how they affect the population. They are just like the aedes aegypti mosquito.”

“It is amazing how there is a parallel between the aedes aegypti mosquito and this ULP government. It’s not every aedes aegypti mosquito that bites you that will give you dengue, but what they do, is they take from you a blood sample and if you have that dengue then what they do, they take a sample from you and they come to me and then they take a bite from me.”

The West Kingstown MP told host Colin Graham that dengue fever is preventable but that staff the at the Ministry of Health require the necessary resources to do their jobs effectively.

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