The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment wishes to advise the general public that as part of its mosquito control programme for the adult Aedesaegypti mosquito, the Insect Vector Control Unit will be conducting fogging and inspection operations in the following areas:

 Fogging OperationPremise Inspection
Monday 12th October, 2020Indian Bay & VillaComplaints
Tuesday 13th October, 2020Richmond, Fitz Hughes & ChateaubelairChateaubelair
Wednesday 14th October, 2020Rose Bank, Dark View & Petit BordelPetit Bordel
Thursday 15th October, 2020Rose Hall & TroumacaTroumaca
Friday 16th October, 2020No foggingComplaints
Saturday 17th October, 2020Barrouallie & Peters HopeNo inspection

Home and business owners in the named areas are reminded to keep their windows and doors open to allow the fog to eliminate the adult mosquitoes inside the home.

Motorists are kindly asked to take caution.

Persons who are suffering from any respiratory illnesses are kindly asked to take the necessary precautionary measures.

Residents are also encouraged to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes in their yard and to protect themselves and their families from mosquito bites during the day, early morning, and early evening.

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