Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is questioning the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) tactics in the general elections campaign.

“They have made several mistakes in the campaign thus far, but I believe that is the biggest one. No matter how they try and sugar coat it, that is a big one.”

The ULP leader was responding to complaints by several persons who have claimed they received unsolicited text messages to their mobile devices from +91 and +94 area codes.

While the NDP has established a call centre locally, the recent blast of text messages suggests that the party has hired overseas-based freelancers to whom individuals’ data has been transferred.

The Prime Minister accused the opposition party of “selling and manipulating people’s personal data.”

“How can you get my personal data? What are you doing with those numbers? You using satellite elsewhere and intercepting people telecommunications? You intercepting ralph text messages? You snooping on my telephone conversation and me neighbour?”

Responding to other developments in the campaign, Dr Gonsalves who called into the Morning Scoop radio program on StarFM on Tuesday said that the NDP must also answer questions relating to their T-shirts.

“Did their t-shirts come through customs? Because my enquiries tell me that they didn’t come through customs. The political parties in parliament get duty free concession on elections materials including t-shirts, electronic equipment, vehicles. They have to say when did those things come into customs.”

The Prime Minister hinted that the NDP T-shirts may have transited through Grenada in containers and passed through the Grenadines rather than the Kingstown Port.

Another issue related to the placement of billboards around the country.

“When we putting up our billboards, everywhere we put up our billboards, we have planning permission. Are they prepared to go through planning permission? I made it clear to Julian upfront, make sure you go through planning.”

In a separate presentation, Prime Minister Gonsalves expressed concern of early signs that some persons may attempt to disturb the general peace under which elections are conducted here.

He told an audience at the Calliaqua Coast Guard base yesterday that he made a formal complaint to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Christian Council following the pulling down of a billboard for his South Leeward candidate Dr Mineva Glasgow in Campden Park.

The Prime Minister had earlier warned that signals are being sent from the NDP platform that may incite their supporters.

“Cummings say he would have gone and break down personally, after the elections if they win, Erasto shop. What kind of ignorance is that? Where that anger and hate come from? Notification has to be given, sometimes you have conflict whether notification is given or not. Give people opportunity to move.”

Dr Gonsalves called on every one to let good sense prevail.

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