I was greatly disappointed when our January 22nd Discovery Day was discontinued because Columbus never came to St. Vincent. It was our only holiday in January and we always looked forward to it. I will not be surprised if a new holiday is instituted because his descendants are here exhibiting the same kind of behavior.

Many years ago, scoundrels, and thieves, some of whom might have been let out of prison, sailed west from their European colonial homes and stumbled on our Blessed Hairouna. From the very beginning they sought to dispossess the citizens of their land.

They took ownership of and displaced the good Government they found in place through the use of force. The year was 1492 and these explorers were led by navigator Christopher Columbus whom some historians claim was of Portuguese origin although he had connections with Italy and Spain also.

Columbus was seeking a better trade route to India. His arrival in the New World (Caribbean and Americas) saw the decline of the local native population through imprisonment and enslavement.

The local people had their lands taken away and were reduced to poverty. Some were tortured and mutilated.

Young girls were raped and many people died as a result of diseases brought by these European explorers. In one instance Columbus appointed his brother Bartholomew as ruler as he left to return to Europe.

At the turn of the century, descendants of European Explorers particularly Portuguese forced their way into power in St. Vincent and the local population are lodging complaints similar to those of 1492:

Their lands are being taken away
Poverty is increasing
Disease is ravishing the nation
Discrimination abounds

A culture of rape pervades the land
Indigenous people are exiled
Many are exiled abroad to make a living

Many are exiled at home unable to speak their mind

The leader plans to turn power over to his son as he demits office.

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