Police Service Commision Approves Royal SVG Police Officers’ Promotions
Two days before Vincentians take to the polls on Election Day 2020 (Nov 5) some 46 members of the local constabulary have been promoted to higher ranks.

Such was the content of a 3 paged memo apparently dispatched by Top Cop Colin John to his Deputy Frankie Joseph.
It read in part, “the Police Service Commission has approved the following appointments on promotion in the Police Department with effect from November 3, 2020.”

Word of the appointments was shared with Asbert News Network along with a list of the individual names and new ranks to be filled by the appointees.

Amongst those promoted is former journalist Hawkins Nanton.

He joined the Royal SVG Police Force in 2012 as an inspector due to the organisation’s Graduate Entry Programme – an incentive that is meant to attract suitably qualified applicants from the general public to join the police services at particular ranks.

According to Nanton’s LinkedIn profile, he served as the Head of the RSVGPF’s Public Relations & Complaints Department for 4 years and 11 months as of August 2012. In January 2018 he was transferred to Mustique as the Inspector in Charge of that precinct.

As of November 3, 2020 Nanton is being saluted as one of the two newest Assistant Superintendents – former Inspector Elgin Richards also enjoys that distinction.

Acting Commissioner of Police Leonard Fergus was formally appointed to that role while Assistant Superintendent Hesron Ballantyne was promoted to Superintendent.
Other notable promotions include Station Sergeants Parnel Browne, Vaugh Miller, Dwight Rogers and Angus Morris “to be Inspector” while Sergeant’s Mckenzie, Cain, Richardson, Charles and Rodney were tipped to be the newest Station Sergeants in the service.
Seven Acting Sergeants and one corporal were all given the nod to become Sergeants and four Corporals are now Acting Sergeants.

Nine Acting Corporals were promoted to Corporals, one of whom is a woman.

Interestingly of the 12 Constables who were appointed as Acting Corporals, 7 of them are also women.

Our well-placed source was unable to say whether the appointments were politically motivated.

Top Cop John is yet to comment on this development.


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