A BARBER is expected to be charged with wasteful employment of police time after making a false report of being kidnapped, robbed and taken to an abandoned house.

The 25-year-old of Moruga told the police that around 10 a.m. on Friday he was awaiting transportation at King Street, Princes Town when a blue Nissan B14 stopped. He gave officers a full description of the driver and his clothing. The barber said there were two people in the backseat whom he could not describe.

He told the police he entered the vehicle of which the registration number was unknown to him and, after a short time, one of the occupants announced a hold up. The barber said that his view was blocked when a covering was placed over his head. He reported that the car was driven for 45 minutes and he was taken to an unknown location where three men robbed him of his $700 cellular phone and his $180 wallet which contained his driver’s permit, identification and insurance cards and $120 cash.

The man said he was then taken to an abandoned house where he was told to escape, so he did. Corporal Nanan and other officers conducted investigations which included visiting the scene and interviewing several people. A statement was also recorded.

The barber was also interviewed by Nanan and other police officers and he confessed that the report was untrue. The charge of wasteful employment of police time by making a false report was expected to be laid against him.

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