Never once to mince his works, St. Clair Leacock, three-times MP for Central Kingstown, cited a surge of ‘ready cash’ for the other side, as undoing the NDP.

Vice President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) St Clair ‘Major’ Leacock has said that raw cash made the difference in the turnout at the 2020 General Elections.

“Bribery of the highest order flying under the radar,” he alleged while on the November 9 edition of the New Times Radio programme.

According to Leacock, who was returned for the third time as Parliamentary Representative for Central Kingstown, the NDP beat the Unity Labour Party (ULP) in every aspect of the campaign except at the end, when he said that persons began collecting bribes.

“Some of the examples are glaring, nobody will dispute the fact that in virtually all of the constituencies they (ULP) went around with their bags of money,” Leacock said.

“It’s amazing that people can sell their vote and their freedom and their future,” he continued.

These are the sorts of things that happened, Leacock contended.

“So in my view, the NDP and Dr Friday did everything that was necessary to get us into government and at the end, it really is the people … their will, their right, their prerogative. They have decided in a particular way,” the NDP VP said.

According to the MP, it was difficult to see the party with what was positive, practical and which exchanged deliverable promises lose the election.

He further contended that it was sad in a democracy that the status in the police force is a negotiating point.

“That they can promote people from the rank of constables to corporals all the way up to assistant commissioners – that must count for something.”

“So I am not laying blame that we are not in government today at the feet of the NDP; it is the will of the people that they are willing to spend the next five years waiting on handouts,” he added.

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