The New Democratic Party (NDP) has recommended first-time candidates Shevern John who contested the North Windward constituency and Israel Bruce who contested the South Central constituency, to be appointed as senators by Governor General Dame Susan Dougan, according to a reliable source.

John, who resigned her post as a teacher ahead of the November 5th general elections, came close to defeating her Unity Labour Party (ULP) opponent Montgomery Daniel who won by 69 votes.

The incumbent Daniel received 2,625 votes and John, performing better than former NDP candidate Lauron “Sharer” Baptiste who had lost by 323 votes in 2015, received 2,556 votes.
Bruce, a lawyer who previously served as senator, received 2,100 votes while his ULP opponent Saboto Caesar received 2,339 votes. Bruce reduced the margin from the 588 votes when his predecessor Addison ‘Bash’ Thomas contested in 2015.

The opposition is allowed appointment of two senators while the government is allowed four senatorial appointments.

The Unity Labour Party government last week announced three senators – Julian Francis, who has been a senator since 2001 when the party came to office, lawyer Ashelle Morgan, 34 and Rochard ‘Pitbull’ Ballah, a 36-year old Community College who is trained communications.

The administration is yet to name its fourth senator.
The New Democratic Party lost the North Leeward seat to the Unity Labour Party which won the elections 9-6. The NDP, however, got the popular votes.

Preliminary figures showed that the NDP received 32,847 votes and the ULP received 32,353 votes – the NDP receiving 494 votes more than the ULP. The victory for the ULP means they have gained an unprecedented 5th straight term of five years in office, having come to office in a landslide victory in March 2001.

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