The young people residing in the villages in the South Windward constituency can look forward to a facility that will help them develop and grow as talented athletes in their chosen field of sports.

This, as Vincentian-born UK-based Ramon Warrican is moving to establish a South Windward Sports Academy.

Warrican, a businessman who is originally from Biabou in South Windward and who owns RW Sporting World, is hoping to fund the sports academy from proceeds of his business.

The establishment of the sports academy is Warrican’s idea of giving back to the Vincentian community which is supporting his business which was started in late 2016.

RW Sporting World was started after Warrican saw the need for sporting equipment and uniform at affordable prices during his frequent visits to his land of birth.

RW Sporting World has been supplying equipment and uniforms to number of local sports clubs over the years Awesome FC and Hope FC are two clubs that have supported the business since its infancy and have helped to spread the word of the quality and unbeatable prices.

The 2020 National club championships are expected to see no less than six clubs benefitting from Warrican’ssupply of training equipment or uniforms. RW sporting World was also recently used as supply source uniforms for two secondary schools in St Vincent.

“So what makes RW Sporting World different?” the question was posed.

“The industry contacts I have made over the years have direct channels into brands such as Adidas and Puma so teams can be assured of the quality,” Warrican said.

On the question of his plans for the future as his business develops and grows, Warrican stated: “To continue giving back. The profits from what I do are used to assist individuals in a private capacity and also teams who may struggle to secure sponsorship.”

Discussions have also been held with stakeholders such as ANN and other community spirited individuals with a view to forming a South Windward Sports Academy. An organisation which take a 360 degree approach in developing children between the ages of 6 to 15.

Local Football clubHope International FC has been a customer of Warrican and his RW Sporting World business from almost its inception.

The club’s manager Akin John commended Warrican and his service when asked for comment.

“We have come to rely on Ramon for practically all of the Club’s sporting equipment supply needs. From training balls, bibs and training equipment, to our Premiere and First Team uniforms.

We have found Ramon’s prices to be very competitive considering the quality of the equipment, which come from all of the top brands including Adidas.

He prides himself on customer service and being able to work within the budget of his customers. On the very odd occasion that we have had a query, we found his willingness to address them in a timely manner to be commendable,” John stated.

Dominique Stowe of Awesome FC also had high praises for Warrican and RW Sporting World.

“From the first time I came into contact with RW Sports was in 2016 when he provided Awesome FC with a kit very, very reasonable compared to those in SVG.

“I used that uniform for two seasons and was very impressed with the quality and style which players like – closely fitted shirt etcetera.

“Officially, I recommend RW Sports to all Football Clubs throughout SVG. It’s very reasonable, reliable with great quality,” Stowe said.

“Yes, his service is excellent. The quality is good for the price and overall very efficient. I would recommend all clubs to shop with him for football gears and equipment,” … of Layou FC said.

Sparta Football Club recently ordered football uniforms from RW sporting world. The club is very pleased with the prices and quality offered.

“We are very pleased with the variety of options that were available in brands and colours. It was easy to select exactly what we had in mind.

“The prices were very affordable and competitive; on the same level as lower quality products elsewhere in and around SVG,” … of Sparta said.

The head of RW Sporting World has been involved in playing the game and understands what the Vincentian sporting community desires.

Shipping costs are included which simplifies the process and there are also add-ons available such as uniform printing (pants and shirts).

To contact RW Sporting World, persons can visit the Instagram page RW Sporting World which is the easiest way to communicate. Persons can also send emails to [email protected]

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