Archbishop Melford Pompey of the Spiritual Baptist Archdiocese has taken a jab at politicians who have been photographed holding babies, suggesting a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ development among politicians who are trying to mimic Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

Archbishop Pompey made the comment on Sunday while delivering the sermon during a worship service carried live on NBC Radio.
“Ah mean, when election time you see how these politicians does find time? You think they don’t have family. Have you ever noticed it?

“I am not finished you know. I’ll give Caesar what is Caesar’s.
“There’s only one politician that you’ll see sometimes will hold a baby in their hands taking pictures, that’s the Prime Minister. Every politician now holding baby in hand,” the Baptist Archbishop said.

As recent as October, photos of opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Dr Godwin Friday holding babies at church were published on social media.
“Ha! You saw them the last time. You see if we have to wait on that time to demonstrate love, it is not love. Love is of God.

“I want them to continue to lift up babies,” Archbishop Pompey said.
Archbishop Pompey, who said las Sunday he wanted to abandon the pulpit, before becoming Archbishop, to be a politician, said further: “If we love God we have got to show that we are serving the people.”

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