The National Emergency Management Organization wishes to advise all citizens and residents of St. Vincent and The Grenadines that no evacuation order has been issued to any section of the population.

Several media outlets both locally and abroad have published false information to this effect. These reports are inaccurate, and misleading. NEMO is reminding all citizens and residents to always ensure that any information regarding the La Soufrière Volcano and the current emergency are from credible and official sources only.

The official sources of information in this regard are the NEMO and the UWI Seismic Research Center (SRC). We continue to monitor the ongoing activity at the La Soufrière volcano with assistance from the team of experts from the UWI SRC, led by Professor Richard Robertson and would update the nation of any change in status as soon as this occurs.

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  1. Telling people to stand by and keep listening and watching out is far from good enough. People should be told exactly how to be prepared, If there is ash like last time all the drinking water will be contaminated, the public should be storing water, told how to store it, and how to treat and use that water if it becomes necessary to do so.

    It really is not being handled properly at all.

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