TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands (CMC)— The British Virgin Islands has implemented a ban on flights from Brazil and South Africa in the wake of reports of new strains of COVID-19 emerging in both countries.

The announcement was recently made by Health Minister Carvin Malone.

This is in addition to a travel ban on flights from the Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom that came into effect on January 11.

Health Minister Carvin Malone today announced that a travel ban has been imposed against travellers from Brazil and South Africa due to new strains of COVID-19 in these countries.

“In a most recent Cabinet meeting, in light of new strains of COVID-19 being prevalent in South Africa and Brazil, a decision was taken that in addition to the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic, to implement a travel ban on persons travelling from South Africa and Brazil to the Virgin Islands,” Malone explained.

He however stated that the ban – that was implemented to protect the public from COVID-19, does not apply to BVI nationals, Belongers, residents, work permit holders, diplomats and government workers travelling from these countries.

The Health Minister reiterated that these individuals would be subjected to a 14-day quarantine period once they travelled from the affected countries.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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