Identical twin sisters Amesha Thuesday Grant and Amela Latahsa Thuesday see a divine hand in their giving birth on the same day.

The sisters each delivered their babies on Wednesday at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, creating history at the regional institution despite having had separate due dates.

They delivered 13 minutes apart at the regional hospital, after being admitted on Tuesday, when Guyana celebrated its 51st Republic anniversary.

The sisters believe that this was possible through prayers, as both yesterday explained that they have prayed intensely to give birth on the same day so that their children can share the same birthday like them.

Amesha’s daughter, Cassidy Miracle Grant, arrived at 9.10 am, while Amela’s son, Kyron Kingsley Rajgopaul, arrived at 9.23 am on Wednesday. Both babies weighed just over 3 kgs and were delivered by Dr. Rafael Roitor and Midwife Leah Clarke.

According to Amesha, the older of the sisters, her due date was March 1st, but after she visited the hospital on Tuesday she was admitted for a C-Section.

However, Amela, whose due date was February 27th, also had to be admitted on the same day after she began experiencing pain. In an interview yesterday with Stabroek News, Amela joked that she was feeling her twin’s pain as Amesha had already been admitted at that time.

However, Amesha, a mother of two now, noted, that while undergoing her surgery all she could think about was her sister, as this would be her first child. “While I was doing my surgery, I was praying for her to come through safe. I always tell her listen to the doctors when they are giving you instructions,” the overjoyed mother said yesterday.

While noting that it was an extremely emotional process, Amesha, 20, said, that it was also a miracle, hence she decided to name her daughter Cassidy Miracle Grant.

Meanwhile, Amela, the first time mother, yesterday explained that when they both had their first ultrasound done, it was extremely exciting “’cause at that time we were praying.”

According to her, the experience was a “great and amazing” one. She said, “We are twins and certain people won’t understand what it is to get the same favour from God.

Source: StabroekNews

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