Two persons who were evacuated to public shelters have died in ten days, in one constituency.

The fatalities are not connected as the deceased resided at separate shelters.

Reports reaching Asbert News Network are that a 56 year old man (name currently being withheld) collapsed within the vicinity of the nearby rum shop he frequented since evacuating to the Calliaqua shelter.

We were reliably informed that the man, who is believed to have been a Georgetown resident, was rushed to the Calliaqua Health Center after he fainted in the road some time on Sunday.

He was treated via IV drip and the attending medical professionals were able to ascertain that he was terminally ill. A fact, we were told, he withheld at his shelter intake interview.

Marlon Joseph, manager at the Calliaqua Anglican Primary School Shelter, assured ANN that the fatality was not COVID-19 related.

“Last Thursday gone we did mass testing at our shelter and we’d be doing so again next week.

“But I can tell you it wasn’t COVID. It’s one of those illnesses where people are very reluctant to volunteer information on,” Joseph explained.

The man died several hours after being admitted to medical care.

Although “feelings of distraught and distress” pervades the Calliaqua-based shelter community, Joseph reports that it is always balanced by a very hope-filled attitude.

” In spite of everything, the mood of the camp is still one of hope. Although people are distraught and distressed and they’ll always talk about missing home and of wanting to return but they’d always end with saying they have life and with that they have hope.

“So the feelings of distraught and distress is balanced by that feeling of hope.”

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