A majority of current members of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Senior Men’s Football Team – Vincy Heat, is dissatisfied with the performance of Interim Manager – Renson Haynes.

A letter dated May 4, 2021, signed by team Captain and Players’ Representative – Cornelius Stewart and addressed to President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation – Carl Dickson, outlined eight reasons for the replacement of Haynes.

Dominating the list of grievances are incidences of interpersonal encounters between Haynes and some players.

Additionally, Haynes was accused of interfering with technical matters of the team.

According to Stewart’s letter: “We have come to the conclusion that his management style and focus are not conducive to the long-term success of the team, nor the cultivation of a family-like environment that is necessary for us to grow, and therefore, are asking for him to be replaced before we go into the two matches in June.”

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is set to meet Guatemala in Guatemala City on 4th June and Cuba in Grenada on 8th June, in Group C of the CONCACAF Zone of the World Cup Qualifiers.

Haynes had taken up the post of Interim Manager in February of this year, following the resignation of Rohan Thomas Jr, who had an uninterrupted two-year tenure in the position.

In making the comparisons, Stewart’s letter noted: “Many of us have been exposed to various other managers through the years and Mr. Haynes has failed to meet the standards attained by those who came before him…. The many young players who are now in the team also require the best possible nurturing and this is not emanating from Mr. Haynes.”

The letter continued, “We therefore, urge the SVGFF to immediately secure a replacement so that the players can go into the June matches with a clear, free, positive mind.”

Haynes, on his appointment last February, in an interview , underscored then that the players’ well-being was his main priority.

He expressed at the time, “My first and foremost thing is the well-being of the players… That is my number one thing… I will do what I have to do as the Manager to make sure that I do things above and beyond in that regard…I have connections with them…A lot of the players and I have had communications, even if it has been in informal ways… Being familiar with the players, has made it easy for me.’

Second Vice President of the SVGFF – Wayne Grant, who is responsible for technical matters, has acknowledged the players’ request and informed us last Tuesday, that discussion on the matters among the Executive is ongoing.