The Public Service Union (PSU) is weary of the complaints which we continue to receive from our members at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre regarding the constant harassment which is meted out to them by management at the facility. We have written to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment on this matter in the past, but it seems that the cries of the workers are being ignored.

Recently, the workers signed a petition in which they asked the Permanent Secretary to change the management at the facility. Workers have reported that upon being notified of the petition, management commenced issuing threats, promising to deal with each one of them. This action goes contrary to the Civil Service Rules and Orders that govern working conditions. No employee should be threatened or intimidated for standing up for his or her rights.

The PSU will not stand idly by and watch our members being bullied. We are not going to allow this type of behavior by the management at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre to continue unchallenged. The Union will take whatever action necessary to protect the rights of workers, including instigating industrial action.

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